BIG BANG MP-11The potency of THE MECHANISMTwo weeks and never have to rewind your watch yet still show the time accurately - the commitment of this special that could surprise in many more than the usual way.While our smartphones loaded with cutting-edge technology have trouble going beyond One day without a recharge, mechanical watches provide stamina. The top Bang MP-11 by Hublot is one of them! On account of an unexpected hand-wound movement, the watch has no under 2 weeks of power reserve. To make this happen result, the watchmakers were required to employ seven barrels included as standard. The components also contribute to the first aesthetic model of this special edition. While using watch's open-work architecture, deficiency of a dial puts the workings the center of attention women watches . The cylinders lined up alongside 1 another undertake the low section of the watch. For the head in this linear layout, a display roll shows the volume of days remaining for your power reserve. Inside the upper section of the watch, interlacing circles create an animated design. Hours and minutes are displayed by two wide hands within a disc at 12 o'clock. Beside them, the balance wheel moves from side to side, in symmetry having a large helical gear that transmits the energy needed to display the time information.The watch is housed in a very 45mm-wide 3D woven carbon case combining lightness and robustness girls watches . The use of carbon underlines the avant-garde personality with the Big Bang. As a final point, this edition restricted to just 200 pieces has an rubber strap that may be also quite surprising since it weighs only 90 grams!As well as anyone wanting to examine the impressive calibre more closely, Hublot has created an additional version that has a case made entirely of sapphire crystal.Price: 77,000 CHF (carbon) - 90,000 CHF (sapphire) www watches .hublot.comBy Dan Diaconu replica breitling quartz watch
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